Office of The Register of Deeds and Mortgages 

The Office of the Register of Deeds and Mortgages in certain counties of New Jersey was established as an act of the 128th Legislature of the State of New Jersey and the 60th under the new Constitution, Chapter 18 of the Laws of 1904 and officially approved on March 7, 1904.

Jeffrey Dublin

Hudson County Register

Nicole Fedrow

Deputy Register

Jeffrey Dublin

Hudson County Register


Nicole Fedrow

Deputy Register

Since 1904

The Hudson County Register is elected by the people of Hudson County for a five-year term. The Office of the Register is responsible for the recording of all formal written documents which affect real property throughout the 12 municipalities that make up the County. The primary reason for recording is a safeguard to the ownership of land so that persons planning to purchase or otherwise deal with land might be more fully informed as to the ownership and condition of the title. The effect of recording an instrument is to give constructive notice of the content of any instrument or document filed for record. All formal legal written documents which affect real property may be required or permitted by law to be recorded. These documents include Deeds, Mortgages, Assignments, Letters of Attorney to convey lands and all instruments of writing relating to the title of real estate and any document claiming an interest in land. Honorable Military Discharge papers (DD214) can also be recorded in the Register’s Office free of charge.

The Register’s Office generates revenue for the County of Hudson and the State of New Jersey from fees which are collected from the recording documents and instruments while providing a needed service. We receive documents to be recorded via e-file, general or certified mail or in person at the cashier’s window. Electronic Recording started in Hudson County in April of 2012. All documents are checked for compliance with the statutory recording requirements, priced and then recorded. They are given an identifying instrument number, assigned a book & page number and entered into the index. The index is available on computer and on hard copy for viewing by anyone trying to locate a particular document or transaction. The Office is self-sustaining, and it is one of the few County Government offices that generate revenue through a Statutory Fee Schedule. Annually, this office has generated revenues for the Treasury of Hudson County in excess of its budget.


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